As a first line of welcome and support for immigrant families, Iowa public schools are helping students learn English so they can succeed in school and become a productive part of our communities and our economy.

English Learning Programs: Creating a Foundation for Success

Ottumwa Community Schools is educating students from many different countries through their English learning programs. Watch to see how one student has succeeded and find out what's next for him.

English Learning Programs Make a Difference for Students

Iowa public schools are teaching English to students from many different cultures and backgrounds so they may receive the benefits of a sound education.

An English learner is a student who is in the process of learning to speak, read, write and understand academic English. English learners are usually students whose home language is not English. Students receive language development to improve their skills while also learning about other subjects such as math and science.


Denison Elementary Breaks Barriers

Extraordinary efforts by teachers in Denison Community Schools have paid off for students in the English learning program. Read on to find out how team collaboration helped Denison Elementary win the Breaking Barriers to Teaching and Learning Award in 2015 and 2016.

English Learners Fact Sheet

Interested in more facts and figures about English learners in Iowa public schools? Download the 2-page fact sheet to learn more in-depth information about English learning programs, facts about English learners, and the positive upward trend in graduation rates for English learners.

Download the English learners fact sheet