An estimated 75 percent of Iowans do not have school-age children and therefore don’t have direct experience with schools today. Their last first-hand contact with local schools was when they went to school many years ago, and their information comes from news media and word of mouth. Schools have changed dramatically since then, and it’s never been more important to share just how much they’ve changed.

This See For Yourself toolkit can help you focus efforts on motivating citizens to visit your school and see for themselves what’s really happening and the positive impact your school has on your community. This toolkit is designed to provide you tips on how to engage citizens who don’t have children in school.

See For Yourself Tip Sheet

Download the See for Yourself tip sheet for six ways to get organized, See for Yourself ideas, and five tips for working with the media.

Download the tip sheet

10 Reasons to Take Pride in Iowa Public Schools 

Share this fact sheet with your community and give them a reason to take pride in public schools. You can also use this as a starting point to create your own fact sheet about your district.

Download the fact sheet

Social Media Content

Customize and share these messages on your district social media to promote your See for Yourself open house. Use #SeeForYourselfIA in your Facebook and Twitter posts.

Download the social media content

Social Media Graphics

Download and customize social media graphics to use when promoting your See for Yourself open house. Use #SeeForYourselfIA in your Facebook and Twitter posts.

Download the social media graphics

See For Yourself Open House Press Release/Invitation

Download the sample See For Yourself press release/invitation to invite community members to your open house. This is a word document template so you can customize for your district.

Download the template

See for Yourself Open House Ads

Download and customize these newspaper ads to promote your district’s open house. These come in a variety of sizes—full page, half page and quarter page.

Download the ads

See for Yourself Campaign Logo

Download the See for Yourself campaign logo to use in promotional materials, or use our premade templates above.

Download the logo